Storytelling Session with the AZJ Crew

I was thrilled to get the chance to document this family's story early one morning, last fall. Upon my arrival I found the kids to be enthusiastic; especially about showing me their rooms. W, the wise and older sister, had so much to show me and made sure not to miss a thing. At one point she took a few quiet moments to hang out in a cardboard box.

Little brother, E, then brought me into his room to play a little tune and show me his stuffed animals.

I followed the kids downstairs and to their surprise, Grandma had arrived! We hung out in the music room while their dad finished cooking the eggs.


Breakfast is ready!


After a hearty helping of bacon and eggs, mom helped with getting the kids dressed so that we could go outside and explore the backyard. This backyard just happened to have chickens, a pond and a garden, oh my!

The series of photos below really cracks me up. He wanted so badly to push his sister in the swing but she was not having any of it. She told him several times that she wanted to do it herself, but he kept trying. Eventually he worked up the strength to give her that one big push but she dug her boots in deep out of defiance. Don't mess with this little lady.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a big open field with beautiful atmosphere!

Included in this session was the option to shoot at a second location. The family had a spot in mind so I followed them there, to a big barn with a bright red autumn vine growing on the side of it. This made for some interesting textures and pops of color. The kids had fun exploring the place and eating some ginger chews. It was here where we concluded this family's Sunday morning story and wrapped it with a neat little bow.