Saturday Morning with Jen and Family

These are a few of my favorites from a Little and Fierce session that I shot this past fall. Jen is a friend of mine and I've photographed her family a handful of times over the last few years. This time the location was at her place, on a typical Saturday morning.

When a client asks me where we should shoot, my first and favorite suggestion will always be at their home. I feel so inspired during these in-home sessions. Inspired by the daily snippets that seem so ordinary and often overlooked, that's the good stuff right there. However I can't blame clients when they're hesitant about letting me into their home, it might be a first for a lot of people. Don't be nervous about a messy house or unruly kids, I can work with that it's my job. This is your day in the life, your story, let me help you preserve some of it.