Photography Composition: Adjusting your Perspective | Viewpoint.

One of my favorite photographers, William Eggleston, recently had an exhibit at the MET in New York City.  Scattered throughout the photos they had quotes from Eggleston posted on the walls. I especially liked this one in regards to changing the way you see things from behind the lens. 


I think it's easy to get stuck in a rut of just shooting from one perspective. When I'm photographing a moment I try to keep moving, shooting and moving. More often than not when I'm in a client's home, I'll be climbing on top of furniture, stuffing myself in a closet or laying on the ground. Squatting, bending, twisting and balancing in an attempt to get a different view of things. 

This month our focus will be on PERSPECTIVE and VIEWPOINT

These terms have very similar meanings when it comes to photography.

Perspective is representing the spatial relationship between objects in a photograph, as they might appear to the eye. 

Viewpoint is a way at looking at or thinking about something in a photograph. 

Recently my daughter pulled out my old school phone and started carrying on a conversation with an imaginary person. I was able to take a million photos from different viewpoints and ended up getting some fun shots.

Rolling down a hill from two different perspectives. I thought the second one worked a lot better.

Below are a few examples of different perspectives and viewpoints

Don't let yourself get rooted in one spot while shooting! For this challenge let's focus on moving around; getting high, getting low, child's eye view, bird's eye view. Maybe take a picture of the same object, 5-10 different ways. Experiment with changing your viewpoint to see how that effects the overall composition of the photo. Also continue to incorporate the other tools that have been discussed in regards to lighting, rule of thirds, minimalism and framing. Let us know if you have any questions throughout the challenge, can't wait to see what you create!