Caroline and Gracie

This was my first time at an Equestrian center, Caroline just referred to it as the barn.  She spends most of her free time here, caring for her horse, Gracie. I thought I would be intimidated by Gracie, being such a big majestic animal, but I could tell right away that she was a gentle girl. She showed so much personality right away, constantly cranking her big, broad neck over towards me to see who the heck I was and what the story was with my camera.

I followed Caroline and Gracie to a beautiful open field where the sun was getting ready to set, a photographer's dream come true! You can tell there's a really special bond between these two and I'm glad I was able to capture some of that connection.

Caroline got a chance to ride for a bit before it got dark. It was so neat seeing them in action, working as a team. It was here in the ring that these two were in their element.